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By using our professional tools and reports as a basis for your sustainability and circularity agenda, your company can be transformed into a leader for the global fashion industry.

– Anna Brismar, PhD, Head and Owner of Green Strategy

We provide the following Professional Tools:

Sustainability Assessment

We have created a comprehensive questionnaire for your company’s Sustainability Assessment. This questionnaire will help you to assess your sustainability and circularity work in a detailed and structured manner. It contains 80 detailed questions, organized into eight phases along the value chain (from the design phase to end-of-use). Alltogether, this document will enable you to make a comprehensive evaluation of your sustainability agenda, and to successfully plan for the future.

Sustainability Strategy

With this Report Template, you will be able to create a solid foundation for your Sustainability Strategy. The report contains key concepts, definitions, and principles, as well as 80 detailed goals, all related to sustainability and circularity. All parts align fully with industry best practices and international guidelines. The report also contains suggestions for your Overall Vision and Values. Once adopted, your new Strategy can bring you into the forefront of circular and sustainable fashion.

Sustainability Manifesto

This future-focused Sustainability Manifesto can be used by companies, fashion houses, and retailers of multiple brands. The manifesto is primarily intended for attracting and selecting brands that are committed to comply with the circularity and sustainability principles of the manifesto. Also, it can be used as an inspirational vision for your company, as well as an attractive branding tool. The manifesto is based on innovative ideas, best industry practice, and international guidelines.

Reports and Articles for Sale

Gain access to our professional reports for companies and organisations HERE. Also, explore our pioneering articles for anyone with an interest in sustainable and circular fashion, such as consultants, journalists, and students, HERE.

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