One integrated vision for the fashion industry

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This paper presents two illustrations that were developed by Dr. Anna Brismar in autumn 2018 (as part of a keynote presentation for a conference in Geneva, Switzerland). The first illustration, with accompanying text, gives the reader an overview of how central concepts related to sustainability within the fashion industry have developed over time (as a historical review). All concepts mirror the mainstream societal movements that were taking place at the time. The historical review starts with the so-called environmental protection movement in the 1960s and 1970s, which gave birth to the concept “Fashion with a message”… Hereafter follows other societal movements and their resulting sustainability concepts, such as “Slow fashion”. Finally, the article ends with the most recent movement and asssociated concept, “compassionate fashion”, yet with a new meaning (not exclusively vegan fashion). (For more on compassionate fashion, see the article “A new fashion era…“, which is available for sale on this website.) The second illustration can be partly seen in the featured image for this article. This illustration presents how we can combine and integrate the three essential concepts of conscious, circular and compassionate fashion into one integrated whole, as a new vision and agenda for the global fashion industry.

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  • Length: 3 pages
  • Published: 2019
  • Author: Dr. Anna Brismar
  • Copyright: Green Strategy Sweden

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